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Activating Citizen Scientists

Engaging Citizen Scientists and investigating the Impacts on Health and Well-being in communities



In the development of the new Plan for Ageing Well in South Australia 2020-2025, older South Australians indicated that for all of us to live well, we need to work towards a future where everyone has the opportunity, support and encouragement to maintain and develop meaningful connections. These opportunities need to be varied and plentiful, creating meaning and purpose in our lives, no matter our age.  Older South Australians spoke of their concern about loneliness as they age. Loneliness is a significant and growing problem that negatively impacts on our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Research shows loneliness is a bigger cause of death than a poor diet, obesity, alcohol consumption and lack of exercise, and it’s on a par with heavy smoking.

Study 1

a questionnaire study for Older Australians about their health and wellbeing and any voluntary activities they participate in. Suitable for those who have, or have not, participated in citizen science’


Study 2

a citizen science experience trial. Participants will complete questionnaires, wear physical activity measuring devices, and participate in a citizen science activity.

This project has been approved by the University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee Ethics, Protocol 202830.

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Current Projects

Citizen Science Impacts on Health and Well being in Older South Australians

We are seeking Older Australians (aged over 50) to participate in studies exploring the links between citizen science activities and health and wellbeing. Information about physical activity, medication use, social connectedness and quality of life will all be gathered and analysed. All participants will receive a short book on Australian fauna or flora as a small token of our appreciation.


What's Involved?

Citizen Science Impacts on Health and Well-being in Older South Australians

The purpose of the project is to measure changes in health and well-being indicators in older South Australians participating in citizen science activities, compared with people who are not citizen scientists. Such indicators will include physical activity, medication use, sense of self-worth, and social networks.


Objective 1.

To determine the impact of citizen science participation on physical activity in older people.


Objective 2.

To determine the impact of citizen science participation on social connectivity and sense of well-being in older people.


Objective 3.

To evaluate well-being benefits for citizen science participants at the individual level through integration of measured changes in physical activity and social connectivity.

CNC Greater Adelaide: Engaging locals at Willlunga
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CNC Greater Adelaide: Engaging locals at Willlunga

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CNC Greater Adelaide: Engaging locals at Willlunga

How will I benefit from taking part?

You will be providing a valuable contribution to the scientific knowledge of the impact Citizen Science projects have on the health and well-being of older South Australians. We will provide you with as many research results as possible. At the completion of the project (in 2021) all participants will receive a summary of the study findings. You will learn about citizen science, and if you participate in Study 2 you will get a chance to expand your knowledge of local biodiversity and citizen science applications such as iNaturalist.

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